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Lets face it, getting broken into can make for a stressful day. Not only do you feel violated there's the loss of property, sense of unease, and damage that comes with the event. Burglar alarms and Security systems are more advanced than ever.


Home Security Made Easy

The good news is you can help avoid these situations with a properly installed system. Current security system technology makes it easy to detect an intruder, sound an alarm, call the police, and get notified on your phone all within seconds. 


Smartphone Apps

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Motion Detectors

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Security systems have motion detection to detect intruders on the inside of a property. These typically work off of infrared heat and can be used even with pets.

Door Contacts

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Door contacts sense the movement of doors. Usually these would be installed on exterior doors but could also be on interior doors or gun safes

Window Contacts

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Window contacts alert you if a window is raised. Weekly checks to make sure your windows are locked is a great way to stay secure. 


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Most users interact with Keypads on a daily basis.  Today's keypads are easy to use and some support Multimedia functions such as weather reports

Glassbreak Detectors

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Glassbeak detectors alert you if a window or door glass is shattered. These can be placed around your business or home. 

Hold-up / Emergency Alarms

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Hold-up buttons and Emergency alarms can be stationary or wireless. These are great to summon help at the push of a button. Waterproof devices are also available.