commercial fire alarm experts


We provide the highest level of expertise in the area when it comes to Fire Alarm systems. Our NICET certified Technicians can work on any system you have. If your Fire panel is beeping, if you have Ground faults showing or other issues we have you covered.


Have you had 2 or 3 service calls for the same problem? Are you paying for parts and labor and the problem still persists? We fix it the first time, not the third. With With all technicians having at least 10 years' experience, troubleshooting is quick and easy. Saving you money $$

Testing & Inspections

East Coast Fire and Security is the leader in Fire Alarm Testing and Inspections. We can help with Fire Marshal requests and Code Compliance issues. Our inspections can be coordinated before or after hours if necessary.  We test your system Per NFPA 72.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our U.L. Listed Monitoring allows gives you control of your Facility in the palm of your hand. Place one or more buildings "On Test" with just a few taps of your phone. You can even review testing results with the Mobile Platform. No more waiting on hold for an operator. 

Upgrades & Retrofits

Have an old system that's needs to be upgraded? Have a Proprietary system that costs you a fortune every time you need a service call? We have cost effective solutions that we can install while keeping your existing system in operation until completion.

Inspection Paperwork

Our inspection paperwork is extremely detailed and documented. A full list of all system devices is provided. We inspect all  detection devices, batteries, horns, strobes, etc. Inspection paperwork is usually available immediately or within 24 hours.